What Are You Waiting For?

When we enter the world of Jesus things often turn upside down.  In John 5:1-17 Jesus and His disciples are on there way into Jerusalem “Probably to Worship” for it is the Sabbath.  Jesus takes the disciples to a less common entrance.  The Sheep Gate where animals are carried out and cleansed in preparation for sacrifice.  At these cleansing pools we find something surprising.

Multitudes of Invalids images(Disabled People) are gathered around these pools waiting for their chance to dip in the waters believing that when the waters are stirred whoever enters will be healed.   Most people would avoid this area to avoid being called “unclean”.  Jesus walks up to the man with the greatest need there.  He has been crippled for 38 years and waiting a long time to make it into those waters.  He has nobody to help Him.

Jesus ask Him a ridiculous question which captures His attention.  “Do you want to be healed”.  When the man looks up Jesus heals Him.  This man who is weak and feeble has wasted his life staring at the pool, longing for help out of His situation.  At Jesus word he is given complete healing.  He is able to obey Jesus command to “Get up, pick up his bed, and walk”.  Amazing.

Like this man.  When we are lost in our sins we cannot help ourselves.  We must stop looking everywhere else and turn to Jesus.  He is not only able to heal us but is able to help us with whatever difficulty we are facing.   Like the multitudes; sometime we are too focused on what’s in front of us or fulfilling expectations! (The Jews were mad because Jesus healed on the Sabbath, they didn’t care that this man was healed)  We need to look up and see Jesus!  We need to live by His standard!