God Is On The Throne

The recent decision by our Supreme Courts to legalize gay marriage shook our nation.  Maybe we were living in denial?  Maybe we thought it wouldn’t go this far.  The repercussions of this decision will trickle down over the years to come and I admit, I am afraid for my children.

Without a doubt it will effect our churches, our schools, our public serviceman, and most importantly our families!   While we may be discouraged over this decision; over the celebrations, over the blasphemy of our president singing “Amazing Grace” and lighting up the white house like a rainbow, or over parents who would treat their children medically at a young age to allow them their sexual choice.  We don’t need to lose hedownload (4)art!

“What can an honest person do when everything (the foundations of law and order)  crumbles?  The LORD is sitting in his sacred temple on his throne in heaven. He knows everything we do because he sees us all.”  (Psalm 11:3-4)  CEV (ESV)

God is still sovereign, He is still in control!  We can trust Him even though our nation may turn away.  We can pray and He will hear us and He sees what we are going through!  Hallelujah!