What We Believe

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  1. THE GODHEAD  There is one God, the Creator, infinitely perfect and holy, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit; all equally God, of one essence, yet separate in personality

  2. THE PERSON OF CHRIST  Jesus Christ, the Son, eternally co-equal with the Father, became a man for our salvation, without ceasing to be God. He was conceived of the Holy Spirit, virgin born, lived a sinless life, shed His blood and died as an atonement for our sins, was bodily raised from the dead, and sits at the right hand of God (the Father), making intercession for believers. We believe in His imminent personal return for the church, and His visible return to establish His millennial kingdom on earth.

  3. THE HOLY SPIRIT  The Holy Spirit convicts the world of sin, righteousness and judgment. He indwells, baptizes, and seals each believer at conversion, and is the means of knowing and applying the will of God in daily life.

  4. images (7)THE BIBLE  The sixty-six books of the Holy Bible are the very inspired Word of God, absolutely authoritative and inerrant in the original autographs, and are all sufficient as the believer’s rule of faith and practice.

  5. CREATION AND FALL OF MAN  Adam and Eve were directly created in the image of God. They sinned and thereby incurred both physical and spiritual death. All are sinners by nature and choice, unwilling and incapable of receiving the things of the Spirit of God apart from His regenerating grace. Because of their sin all are separated from God.

  6. SALVATION AND SECURITY OF THE BELIEVER  Salvation is provided when an individual responds in faith to the divine provision of salvation. Salvation is provided for all through grace and was accomplished by Christ through His substitutionary sacrifice for all and is in fact offered to all. Yet, it is applied only to God’s chosen ones.  The believer is thus regenerated by the Spirit of God (born again), justified before God, united with Christ and adopted into the family of God. The redeemed, once saved, are kept by God’s power and are thus secure in Christ forever.

  7. THE BELIEVER’S NEW WALK OF LIFE  It is God’s will that each believer walk in the Spirit, doing His will, living a life that glorifies God, and joining in fellowship with believers of like faith and practice.download (5)

  8. THE LOCAL CHURCH  The local church is an assembly of born again, baptized believers who are subject to the Word of God and united in organization to practice the two New Testament ordinances of the Lord’s Table (communion) and baptism (by immersion). The church meets together for worship, prayer, fellowship, teaching and actively engaging in carrying out the Great Commission.

  9. RESURRECTION AND ETERNAL DESTINY  We believe in the resurrection of both the saved and the lost; they that are saved unto the resurrection of eternal life, and they that are lost unto the resurrection of eternal damnation, along with the adversary Satan.

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