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God has been at work through Seneca Community Church for over 120 years.  The church faced many hardships as did the village of Seneca.  Throughout this history God has continually raised up resources and people to continue the ministry and sharpen the vision of Seneca Community Church.  Today, with a fresh vision, a young pastor, and many passionate followers of Jesus Christ; we are excited about all that God has in store for us and we welcome you to join our future!

A brief timeline of History:

  • 1982 Early pioneers in Seneca Township donate land and establish a team to construct a church.
  • 1913 Sparks from a passing train create a fire that destroys a number of homes, a factory, and the church.
  • 1913 The church is rebuilt but struct by lightning sustaining significant damage in the summer of 1914
  • 1914 Rebuilt again and dedicated as Union Church of Seneca
  • 1920-1940 Difficulties  lead to the church closing it’s doors
  • 1947 Two missionary ladies hear of the church closing and begin holding special services and children’s outreach in Seneca.
  • 1947 The church is re-opened and begins to thrive being well known for the social gatherings and meals
  • 1995-1998 A number of donations make it possible to purchase more land for a parking lot and make renovations & updates.
  • 2006 A new addition is constructed including a 200 capacity auditorium, office, classrooms, restrooms, and nursery.
  • 2012-2014 An Interim pastor helps the church reform their vision, constitution, ministry teams, and call a new pastor.
  • Today Seneca Community Church is a growing church family committed to know, serve, and proclaim Christ.




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To Know, Serve, & Proclaim Christ